Graphic designer, mother, + lover of all things from childhood, I have  
channeled my 10 years of combined branding, print design and advertising 
experience into creating unique, supremely soft, USA made blankets and accessories for the whole family. Choosing to invest in quality, comfort and joy is something we celebrate and I thank you for choosing Goodnight June! 

Celebrate simply. Live with what you love. And Give. Premium-quality, modern blankets and accessories to love for a lifetime. We believe in celebrating yourself in small ways, everyday, while making life a little brighter for someone else.

My grandmother June believed that you should give when you can because
you never know what someone's situation is. This company encourages and celebrates this tradition of giving, and coupled with our passion for design, Goodnight June was born. 

We proudly contribute a portion of every sale to local children and families in need. Proceeds assist families through the rough days and everyday, from clothing to daily supplies and family events.